Growing up as an island boy, leaving the island of Maui was always an adventure. No matter where I traveled, my destination was bound to hold something different in store! Over the years, my sense of wander and crave for adventure has only grown. Back in 2010, I traveled with friends to South Africa to attend matches for the FIFA World Cup, made my way up to the thunderous Victoria Falls in Zambia, then over to Botswana for a safari and continued adventuring through the Namib Desert on an ATV in Namibia. Upon my return and looking back at my pictures from my point and shoot camera, I was sorely disappointed in the images I had captured in my month long trip in Southern Africa. So with that gutted feeling, I decided to dive into learning the art of photography.

   The process of learning photography and storytelling has become something that I am deeply passionate about. The constant development of becoming a storyteller is a journey that I have enjoyed every step of the way and am excited as it continues! In addition to photography and storytelling, I am a sports guy, music lover, movie watcher and world traveller. I love to learn about cultures around the world, try new foods, and can't wait to share my next story!


Please join me on my adventures around the world and through photographic storytelling throughout my galleries and adventure blog, Mahalo!

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