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October 20, 2016

   Sitting here, putting pen to paper is difficult. It's just too beautiful to not enjoy sitting on the beach in Napili Bay, Maui and take it all in. It never gets old, trust me. Rena and I are staying at The Mauian for a couple nights thanks to my mom, who gifted us with this fantastic treat. Having grown up on Maui is one thing, but the opportunity to come back and "visit" is still a treat, being able to really enjoy tropical paradise from a pure vacation point of view has been eye opening for me. I know "tourists" absolutely LOVE Maui, and I totally get it, but being able to appreciate where you were born and raised on a deeper level has been and unending gift. I love it here. Current weather: Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, swaying palm trees and of course the crystal clear Hawaiian waters. Here I am, sitting right inside a postcard! it's about 10:30am HST if I were to guess. No watch, no worries! The sun is already hot as it typically is on the west side of Maui, but all the palm trees are dancing in the tropical breeze that's keeping my back from burning as the sun continues to rise.

   Earlier this morning around 6, i woke up to relieve myself and then headed out to the lanai (patio) to take a peek at the sunrise. The palms already swaying and the clouds a perfect pink, just like the plumerias on the tree hanging over the lanai. The morning was so sweet, it had to be enjoyed so I got Rena out of bed and we  went for a lovely, medium length walk on the beach (my favorite), practically having Napili Bay to ourselves! While on our walk, Rena spotted a honu (turtle) coming up for a breath and just like that we were off! We ran to grab our snorkels and my camera (of course) to jump in and swim with my 'aumakua (Hawaiian family god). We returned to the area where Rena first spotted the honu and entered the water to put on our snorkel gear. The waves broke violently on the rocks nearby, surging and sucking us back and forth underwater so we carefully navigated our way around the area and were handsomely rewarded with front row seats to watching the honu feed in the reef. There were at least ten of them, going with the flow of the endless waves coming in, but that didn't seem to bother them one bit. We were able to enjoy the peace of witnessing the honu in their habitat, feasting on their breakfast at the Pacific Ocean Buffet. This experience was so special to me, being able to be at such peace observing such amazing creatures. It's something I will go back to do again, though unlikely such an experience will ever be duplicated. I am so grateful for that experience and to be able to have shared it with the person I love.

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